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SMC Vortex Red One Disc Kart Racing Clutch
SMC Vortex Red Single Disc Clutch

SMC Vortex Red One Disc Kart Racing Clutch

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SMC Kart Clutches

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SMC Vortex Red One Disc Racing Clutch

SMC Vortex Single Disk Racing Clutch

SMC's NEW Vortex RED engine clutches rock kart racing with new technology. A patent-pending Anti-Wobble clutch sprocket and drum assembly improves mechanical efficiency and minimizes wear between clutch disc tabs and drum slots.

Sprockets are available for either #35 chain with 10-23 teeth or #219 chain with 13-26 teeth. All Vortex Red sprockets (10-26 tooth) have sealed ball bearings. Say goodbye to wobble, dirt and re-lubrication. SPROCKETS NOT INCLUDED. CLICK HERE FOR VORTEX RED SPROCKETS.

Manufactured with 3/4" bore to fit most popular racing engines.

The Vortex Red Clutch features professional performance and heavy duty parts.
  • Vortex springs for mechanical efficiency
  • SMC Roller Levers
  • New anti-wobble Steadfast Sprockets
  • New lightweight drum
  • New heavy duty clutch disc
  • New high strength steel drive hub

Vortex clutches employ modern technologies that virtually eliminate engine bogging. While all other disc clutches attach springs to the pressure plate to control clamping force, Vortex springs are attached to the levers to control centrifugal force. By controlling force where it is generated instead of where it is applied, Vortex clutches react more quickly to changes in engine rpm. Less energy is lost to clutch heating leaving more energy for acceleration. Smoother engagement and faster acceleration are guaranteed!

Vortex clutches are user friendly. The clutch springs are adjusted quickly, easily and precisely without dial calipers. Air gap is not an issue with the Vortex clutch, reducing the amount of adjustments. Clutch rebuilds are inexpensive, simple, and take a matter of minutes using only a T-handle wrench.

The Vortex RED 1 Disc clutch is shipped with silver springs as standard. Black springs may be selected as an option for higher rpm clutch engagement. What clutch spring is right for my single disc clutch?
  • Silver Springs are recommended for Honda and clone engines.
  • Black Springs are recommended for Briggs & Stratton engines.


Made in the USA.

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