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BBT Seat Saviors

Seat savior lead mounting system

The Seat Savior (pat. pending) is the ultimate system to safely install lead on your kart. Designed to distribute the weight of your lead over a larger area, the Seat Savior eliminates the chance of a bolt breaking through your seat and cause serious injury to a competitor.

Available in a two and three hole system, the Seat Savior will form to the thigh area on the inside of any seat and be virtually unnoticeable. The stainless steel button head cap screws are welded to the inner panel, eliminating the chance of the bolt rounding out in your seat and elongating the hole.

Each powder coated unit comes complete with washers, lock nuts and reusable snap pins. A template for ease of installation is also included. Total installation time is less than five minutes. The system pattern allows you to switch from a two hole to three hole system and back effortlessly. Safely capable of holding up to 50+ pounds per unit.

2 bolt seat savior   Seat Savior lead mounted on seat   3 bolt lead mounting system

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Seat Savior 2 Bolt Bracket
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Seat Savior 3 Bolt Bracket
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Seat Savior lead bracket system.
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